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Tree Shapers

Professional tree care by certified arborists

Tree Care & Preservation Services

Tree services include pruning of various types to suit the needs of our clients as well as the needs of the tree. We also remove and plant trees, install cables and braces and perform stump grinding. Below are descriptions of the different types of services.

Crown Reduction/Shaping

Crown Reduction/Shaping

Pruning for the purpose of reducing the overall size of the tree’s canopy. This can be done for various reasons such as reducing the end-weight on limbs, reducing the wind-sail or windthrow, and making the tree safer and less prone to damage or failure. Crown reduction can also be done to restore the view or to keep the tree restricted within a limited yard space. A more loose and natural shape may be desired where the crown is reduced, but the shape is maintained as it would grow naturally.

Coast Live Oak: Crown Density Reduction

Crown Density Reduction

Removal of material throughout the inside of the tree. Density reduction or thinning, reduces wind-sail and end-weight on the limbs, but could also be used for restoring the view so one can look through the tree. We also call it “daylighting” because it brings more light to the inside of the tree as well as the garden below.

Crown Cleaning or “Grooming”

Crown Cleaning or “Grooming”

This is a basic procedure in our work in order to keep your trees healthy and attractive. Sometimes limbs will die, become diseased and damaged from nature or man, and sometimes grow in a deranged manner which can cause problems with the tree in the future. If grooming is started when the tree is young, there will be fewer problems in the future.

Crown Restoration

Crown restoration restores the shape of a tree that has been improperly pruned in the past as in cases of “topping” (the practice of removing whole tops of trees or large branches and/or trunks from the tops of trees, leaving stubs or lateral branches that are too small to assume the role of a terminal leader). The restoration process can take two or more prunings, depending on the severity of the past treatment.

Safety and Structural Pruning

A very important consideration in arboriculture and one of the first things we assess when we look at a job site. Besides the danger of limbs or trees falling on people and/or structures, the damage to the tree itself can be a major problem.

Tree Shapers Tree Services Cypress Cloud Prune

Cloud Pruning (Niwaki)

This is one of our specialties. We use it in various circumstances. For example, it could be used in formally designed gardens such as Japanese gardens. Sometimes it is a solution for problems such as limited yard space. As an example: in order to keep a Monterey pine which has the genetic potential to get 80 to 100 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide from overwhelming a 25 foot lot, the tree could be trained to maintain a smaller size. The limbs could also be cloud pruned while vista pruning in order to give an interesting view through the tree from a deck or window.
View Recovery or “Vista Pruning”

View Recovery
or “Vista Pruning”

The San Francisco Bay area has some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Part of the view is the tree itself. We feel that it is vital to preserve the beauty and health of the tree during the process of restoring one’s view beyond the canopy of the tree.
Protection during building and landscape construction
Preservation of trees is very important in regards to landscape construction and/or building construction. Unfortunately many trees are damaged in these processes. Ignorance about tree physiology can lead to practices that harm the roots of existing trees at a construction site. When the environment of trees is to be altered, protecting them from harm should be on the agenda. Architects as well as landscape architects need to include the expertise of a consulting arborist, before any work on the site is done. See our Consultations page.

Restoration of damaged or fallen trees

If the unfortunate happens, sometimes it is possible to salvage a tree. The pictures show a Monterey Pine tree that fell over. This tree had very shallow roots growing in a loose soil over a parking garage or basement. Since it added so much to the aesthetics of the property, the owners wanted to save the tree. We were able to carefully hoist it back into position.

Additional Services

Root Pruning

It is sometimes necessary to prune roots that are interfering with infrastructures such as sidewalks, pools or other structures. Making the cuts on the roots in a proper fashion is as important as making proper pruning cuts on the upper limbs of a tree.


Cabling and Bracing

This is done only after corrective pruning to reduce weight on weak systems in the tree. As an adjunct, it can help to reduce the risk of tree or branch failure.



Selecting the right tree for the right location, and installing it correctly, requires proper knowledge.


Removing Trees

Although we may not like it, removing trees is sometimes necessary under certain circumstances.


Stump Grinding

Cleaning up stumps and debris left from the removed trees or shrubs that may be unsightly, or in the way of new planting or construction.

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